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Chance Baldwin is a main character in Walk the Prank


Chance is the leader of the Walk the Prank crew. He narrates the pranks featured in the series. His friends are Bailey Schuster, Dusty Williams, Herman Baldwin, and Will Williams. When not pranking he reflects on his school and home conflicts just like the others.

Physical Appearance

  • A He is Caucasian
  • He has red hair
  • He also has blonde eyebrows
  • He is a bit skinny
  • He has the most oval-shaped face
  • He's the tallest Walk the Prank kid
  • And a kid actor on many different shiws


  • He's the older brother of Herman Baldwin
  • He's the oldest kid of Walk the Prank
  • Cody Veith is also the oldest kid of the series
  • He has a crush on Courtney Lynn
  • He loves pranks
  • He and his brother always have babysitters
  • His favorite pranks are scaring babysitters
  • He ate a snail from France before
  • He is a leader
  • He is the second most featured character in the pranks
  • He hates his babysitters​
  • He is not trusted by his parents
  • He does most of the scary pranks
  • He loves volcanoes
  • He is portrayed by Cody Veith